clutterjam (clutterjam) wrote,

WAKE UP FROM YOUR WOKE SLUMBER: Bill Maher Bitch Slaps American Libs

Sometimes Bill Maher pisses me off. His militant anti-religion stance is grating to me and I've sometimes found him to lean a little too libertarian for my tastes. But he's intelligent and usually worth listening to. And in this case, he's spot-on as far as I'm concerned. Yes, he holds a lot of views that one would call liberal (views that I also largely hold.) But he's also sober enough not to fall for the worst of the Woke excesses of liberal America. It's with nauseating hubris that many Americans call America the “greatest country in the world,” but most non-Americans will probably tell you the same thing. It's just that their views usually focus on what genuinely makes this country great (freedom, democracy, etc.) while leaving out the racist/nativist/no-concept-of-how-a-democracy-actually-functions part.


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